A Typical Day

Introduction to American Politics: Bureaucracy Part II

Max Weber Iron Cage Bartleby Department of Homeland Security Reinventing Government David Osbourne The GM Model The Apple Model Al Gore Securities and Exchange Commission Bureaucratic Infighting in the Bush Administration Iron Triangles

Introduction to Political Theory: Locke

The Two Treatises property The World was America Barbara Arneil the Cheriquanas Palantus of Sparta C.B. MacPherson Possessive Individualism tacit consent “the world they can find free and unprocessed”

Liberalism and Globalism: Imadaʻs Aloha America

Kingdom era Civil codes on Hula in 1859 Bobbio on Liberalism fear of “revolution” in New York Times 1883 account of preparations for King Kalākauaʻs Coronation Hawaiian modernity hybridity ku`i hula the beach as metaphor Healani boathouse the carnival Mickhail Bakhtin “new world curiosities” imagined intimacy primitive temporality of exhibition cultural ambassador Kodak camera in 1888 Chicago Worldʻs Columbian Exposition creative diplomacy Cairo-Hawai`i

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