film journal: St. Elmo’s Fire (1985)

St. Elmo’s Fire (1985) visualizes a postmodern critique of the familial and progressive aspects of the American dream. The characters are all recent Georgetown University graduates attempting to articulate new avenues of individualism after college.

Here are some key dialogue moments:

Kirby: “Haven’t you ever heard of the sexual revolution?”
Kevin: “Who won, huh? Nobody. Used to be that sex was the only free thing. No longer. Alimony, palimony, it’s all financial. Love’s an illusion”
Kirby: “It’s the only illusion that counts my friend.”
Kevin: “Says who?”
Kirby: “Anyone that’s ever been in love.”
Kevin: “Love sucks.”
Kirby: “So does your attitude.”


Kevin: “Marriage is going to make you faithful?”
Alec: “Yes.”
Kevin: “Sorry, the notion of two people spending their entire lives together was invented by people lucky enough to make it to twenty without getting eaten by dinosaurs. Marriage is obsolete.”
Alec: “Dinosaurs are obsolete. Marriage is still around.”


Alec: “You can’t have the Pretenders first album. That’s mine!”
Leslie: “I bought it.”
Alec: “You did not! [Pause] You can have all the Billy Joels. [Pause] Except The Stranger.”

“The whole country is falling apart and these bars are made perfect…for an experienced thief.”

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